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“Building the Basin” 2-day Workforce Orientation Details and Next Steps


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An educated, empowered, and protected Permian Basin workforce

Permian Basin operators are unified in their mission to eliminate significant injuries and fatalities at our work sites. To accomplish this, we have aligned on core life-saving actions and leadership principles which will be communicated during the “Building the Basin” Program. The Program has been created by industry for industry and leverages new technologies and interactive learning approaches to educate, empower, and ultimately protect our workforce.

Life Saving Actions

Line of Fire
Confined Space
Work Authorization
Working at Heights
Safe Mechanical Lifting
Hot Work
Energy Isolation
Electrical Safety
Bypassing Safety Controls


Building the Basin United Program


All NEW workers required to attend.

The program will use virtual reality, videos, and interactive sessions to explore life-saving actions and the responsibilities that each individual has as a safety leader. Participants will leave the course more confident and educated in recognizing deadly hazards on worksites. By building core leadership skills, participants will be empowered to speak up to protect themselves and their co-workers from significant injury or death.


Only supervisors are required to attend.

The course will use interactive sessions and multimedia to help supervisors practice their leadership skills in order to build and sustain a healthy safety culture and awareness of life-saving actions at their worksites. Participants will be educated on advanced leadership principles and human performance. They will be empowered to become transformative leaders within their organization, with relentless focus on protecting their workers from significant injury or death.

Basin United Facilitator Course

This course is designed for instructors who will be facilitating the Building the Basin: Safety Leadership, course as well as other instructors aiming to improve their facilitation skills in the classroom.

The course will provide you with the skills and strategies you need in working with adult learners. Course content comprises all of the traditional “train-the-trainer” topics, as well as an in-depth focus on those skills specific to the kind of content delivery that maximizes knowledge retention. You will learn how to encourage and evaluate teamwork and problem-solving. There are numerous additional applications for the course content, which will become apparent to you during the course. This course satisfies the Facilitator course requirement to deliver the Building the Basin: Safety Leadership course. This is one of several requirements, please see additional information below.

Expect 2 days of concentrated sessions from 8:00 a.m. until about 5:00 p.m., comprising content delivery and skills practice activities. During the course, you will practice facilitating exercises and interact with the other attendees.

Important: This course is taught in English. English proficiency is necessary to succeed.

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Dates for this Year

March 18-19, 2024
June 3-4, 2024
September 16-17, 2024
December 2-3, 2024

Additional training sessions will be added as needed.

Additional Information

The IADC Basin United Facilitator course is a course for instructor candidates wanting to teach the Basin United – Safety Leadership course. It is NOT the actual Basin United – Safety Leadership course.

The Basin United Safety Leadership course is intended for field supervisors working in the Basin, with Supervisor responsibilities.

Companies considering IADC accreditation to deliver either Basin United – Building the Basin Fundamental or Leadership course(s) must complete a program and instructor application.

An instructor application must be submitted for each candidate that will be teaching the course(s). Attending the facilitation course does not guarantee IADC Instructor approval or certification. Instructors must meet additional industry-defined requirements.

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Basin United is an
industry-led group  of onshore upstream stakeholder companies committed to improving safety performance in the Permian Basin.


Executive Committee

Provide strategic insights and guidance to steering team and delivery/development teams

Provide strategic guidance/advice to the development and delivery teams as the orientation, tracking system, incident reporting, etc. evolves

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Steering Team

Broad representation from operators and service providers in the Permian

Venue for cross-operator alignment on forward path for safety performance and culture improvement

Venue for service providers to express their ideas, concerns, opportunities

Provide cold-eyes review/touch points on development and delivery team products

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Development Team

Work hand-in-hand with DSS to develop innovative orientation content/material

Pilot initial orientation material

Keep longer-term focus on delivery mechanism, scalability, tracking system, incident reporting/sharing, etc.

Develop innovative orientation content/material focused on Life-Saving Actions, including interactive and hands-on training content

Work with Delivery team to hand over orientation materials and develop plan for tracking, reporting, and sharing

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Delivery Team

Work in parallel with Development Team to understand orientation structure and logistical requirements for implementation (e.g., facilitators/instructors, facilities, technology requirements, etc.)

Design path forward for piloting orientation program in the Permian

Determine feasible scaling plan for orientation

Implement tracking system, incident reporting/sharing system, etc., as appropriate

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basin United?

Basin United is an industry board or industry-representative, comprised of onshore upstream stakeholder companies that are committed to improving safety performance in the Permian Basin.

What organizations are behind/supporting Basin United?

Industry companies and organizations such as Chevron, XTO, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton, and IADC are supporters of and participants in Basin United in Executive, Steering, Development and Delivery committee roles. Please see the graphic at the bottom of this FAQ for a detailed organization chart.

What did Basin United develop?

Basin United developed a 2-day safety orientation and leadership course. The courses are Day 1 – Building the Basin: Fundamental Safety Orientation, and Day 2 – Building the Basin: Leadership Safety, to be attended by upstream onshore frontline workers and supervisors.

Why did Basin United create these courses?

• Since 2015, there has been a rise of fatalities in the Permian Basin: 63 in 2016, 81 in 2017 and 94 in 2018. The statistics are getting worse, not better as operations in the region continue to lead the nation.
• 87% of serious injuries and fatalities in the Permian Basin can be traced to 10 actions
• The goals are to reduce and eliminate serious injuries and fatalities in the Permian Basin by aligning stakeholders around these Life Saving Actions, safety culture improvements, safety leadership, and human performance principles.

How will the course be delivered?

The courses can be delivered one after the other or separately. Each course is unique.

Who is required to attend Day 1 and Day 2?

• Day 1: Building the Basin: Fundamental Safety Orientation, Field workers and supervisors will be required to attend.
• Day 2: Building the Basin: Safety Leadership, Field supervisors will be required to attend.

Why have a Supervisor course?

Principles of safety leadership, when practiced by field supervisors, can significantly improve safety and productivity at the worksite. The Supervisor course is designed to train field supervisors in a common set of safety leadership practices to improve safety performance.

If I’ve already done RigPass or another industry recognized safety orientation, will I also have to do Day 1 – Building the Basin: Fundamental Safety Orientation?

• Individuals who have already completed a RigPass, or another industry recognized safety orientation course, may be grandfathered in for the Day 1 – Building the Basin: Fundamental Safety Orientation. IADC recommends that the company verifies the orientation/training based on the site-specific requirements.

How much will it cost?

Please refer to the latest Schedule of Fees (SOF) for program-specific fees. Link to the fee schedule can be found here: Enter Password: BasinUnitedTP

How long are the course days?

Each course day will be between 8-9 hours long, including a lunch break.

Will Building the Basin be required and available just in the Permian Basin or nationwide?

Initially it will be implemented in the Permian Basin, with an expectation of a national rollout in the future.

Are there refresher requirements for the Building the Basin course?

The Day 1 – Building the Basin: Fundamental Safety Orientation course has no refresher requirement, however the Day 2 – Building the Basin: Safety Leadership course, must be refreshed every 2 years.

Who is accrediting training organizations, training facilities and instructors/facilitators?

IADC will be the accrediting body for all Building the Basin Orientation accreditations and will hold all certificates of completion.

Who can be accredited?

Any organization that meets the training accreditation requirements, including in-house and third-party organizations. If an organization chooses to develop its own custom material for the courses rather than the materials developed and available for the courses, that custom material will be approved based on its adherence to a balance of hands-on activities in the course content.

How long will organizations have before they will be required to comply with the Building the Basin requirements?

IADC recommends that the company verifies the orientation/training based on the site-specific requirements.

How will the Building the Basin course be sustained over time?

• Basin United is committed to making sure all industry stakeholders are part of development and implementation and are mindful of stakeholder concerns.
• The intention is that the Building the Basin course will become part of the API Onshore Safety Alliance program, including a standing committee to ensure the program remains valid, up to date, and has representation from all stakeholders.
• The formal accrediting body (IADC) will be required to adhere to international quality standards, either ISO or ANSI, as an accrediting organization. This ensures quality and consistency in the accreditation process as well as in the presentation and administration of the Building the Basin Orientation course.

Can we combine Basin United with RigPass?

Yes, Basin United can be combined with RigPass. Additional requirements apply.

Who can I contact for information on the Basin United program requirements and accreditation?

Please email
or contact 713-292-1945.

Who can I contact for Instructor requirements and certification information?

Please email
or contact 713-292-1945.

What is the turnaround time for program accreditation?

The turnaround time may be up to 90 days. That time includes the review of a comprehensive program application, curriculum material, supporting documentation, and invoicing/payment processing. It also includes coordination of SME panel review of program and instructor applications.

What is the turnaround time for Instructor certification?

The turnaround time may be up to 90 days. The processing time is included in the program accreditation time frame. The turnaround time includes the internal and panel review of Instructor application(s), supporting material, and invoicing/payment processing.

What is the accreditation process?

Quick overview:
1. Training Provider submits completed program and instructor(s) application and corresponding material to IADC.
2. IADC staff performs initial screening for completion of required documents and collects payment of fees.
3. There is an industry subject matter (SME) review of all program requirements.
4. An audit will be performed within 6-12 months of conditional accreditation. Providers are subject to audit at any time.
5. The accreditation cycle is 3 years for programs, 5 years for instructor certification.
* Please reach out to for the Program Handbook.

Does IADC offer a Facilitation or Train the Trainer course?

IADC offers a Facilitator course intended for candidates seeking to deliver the Building the Basin: Safety Leadership course.
This course will benefit all instructors, it will teach strategies Instructors can use to facilitate the learning process along with content needed to deliver the Building the Basin: Safety Leadership course.
Attending the course does not guarantee IADC Instructor approval/certification or program accreditation. Please refer to the Basin United Instructor Application requirements (BSU-05).







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